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Reconnecting Hospitality

Reconnecting Hospitality

The news that hospitality venues will be able to re-open after the February Half-Term is a welcome sign that things are gradually heading in the right direction. Our sector is by no means alone in facing the challenges presented by the current restrictions, but it has been forced to remain shut for long periods 

It is good news that from 22 February, hotels and premises serving food and drinks can open but they must strictly adhere to the guidelines. As an industry, we will be taking that responsibility extremely seriously. 

Guidance for hotels will be added soon, but this will primarily be for the staycation market and those who have completed an isolation period. 

Premises serving food and drinks must follow these rules –   

  • Alcohol will only be served with a main meal, and a meal is regarded as a proper breakfast, lunch, full afternoon tea or dinner. 
  • Masks are required when not eating or drinking. Once food or drink is on the table, masks can be removed. If customers get up from the table, a mask must go on. 
  • Tables can be mixed household, and up to 10 per table. 
  • People on different tables must be 2 metres apart from each other.  
  • If venues have ‘sharing tables’ i.e., a long bench that multiple groups sit at, they must be 2 metres from another group/booking. 
  • Last orders are at 10pm with the premises shutting at 10.30.  
  • Customers must be seated when ordering, eating and paying.  

Any venue can be operating with this, but an alcohol only service is not permitted.

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