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Updated Guidance on Phase 2

Updated Guidance on Phase 2

UPDATE – Guidance on Phase 2 of the Government of Jersey COVID-19 Co-Funded Payroll Scheme

As you are aware, applications for Phase 2 open on Friday 1 May. The scheme of financial assistance picks up from Phase 1 which focused on the early part of the crisis and covers wages from 1 April to 30 June 2020.

The plan covers 80% of the wages of each employee up to a maximum of £1600 a month for qualifying industries.

Key points to note include: a separate online form for each month being claimed, i.e. April, May, June; businesses must pay employees as normal before making an application; businesses can claim for any employee paid less than £4558 per month.

Important – businesses can only claim support for the employees named on the March 2020 social security contributions return (the Quarter A return must have been submitted), but if you made an employee redundant or terminated their employment before the 1st April 2020 and then re-hired them, they can be included.

And – If the business cannot afford to contribute the full 20% towards its employees’ wages because of severe and current cash flow problems, it may be eligible for a special exemption which will enable it to pay only the value of the subsidy to up £1600 per worker per month. A declaration and evidence will be needed to support this exemption and further details on what is required will be issued by Government in the coming days.

Full details can be found here

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