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Corporate Parntner Fees

Corporate Parntner Fees

Corporate Partnership Package

Become a Partner
We have developed long-standing partnerships with a wide range of suppliers to the industry.  Our partners provide our members with a strong commercial offer and we provide targeted regular promotions of their goods and/or services to our membership base.

Why become a partner of the JHA ?

  • We can work with you to target your services to our Members.
  • We can help build your profile via exposure to our Membership.
  • Networking events and access to decision makers in the industry.

Why do we want partners ?

  • Partners provide members with a huge range of commercial benefits, which help build loyalty and retain and attraction of members and potential members.
  • Partners can build their relationships in a cost effective way that in turn helps support the work of the Association.

What do we want from partners ?

  • Opportunities to provide advice and expert guidance on regulation, finance, health and safety to our members.
  • Exclusive service offers and product discounts.
  • Networking events.
  • Opportunity to try out and learn about new products and services.

If you can help our members to make or save money, you’re already in demand !

What our Partners say
Easenmyne is proud to support the hospitality and food service industry through the JHA. We have great enjoyment supporting the chefs through NPD and assisting them on sourcing the key ingredients!





Partner Fee on top of Membership Fee

+ £500

+ £1,000

+ £2,500

AGM Tickets inclusive of lunch




Annual Winter Party Tickets




Logo, Link and Offer on Partners Page

Superior Position on Partners page Plus Bio and write up

Prime Position on Top of Partners Page

Brand Presence on News letters and JHA communications

Host Networking / Trade Dinner (one of four annually)

Bespoke Email / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram CampaignPer Year