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The Jersey Hospitality Association (JHA) is here to support, and promote  all elements of the Hospitality and Tourism sector in Jersey.

Owning or running a Hotel, Guest House, Restaurant, Café, Pub, Bar, Fast Food Outlet or a Tourist Attraction is one of the toughest businesses to be in, but it’s also exciting, never mundane and enormously fulfilling, in fact Members tell us that running a business in this sector is like being on the stage!

Our vision at the JHA is to nurture, support and grow the Channel Islands into a leading hospitality destination by turning on the spotlights and promoting a better understanding of what we do as a sector. We want to highlight our contribution to the economy and encourage young talent to develop a worthwhile career in the Industry.

We aim to retain, gain and grow our membership so it is reflective of all parts of the sector. Our objective is to build confidence and credibility both within the industry, government and among diners, guests and visitors alike.

We keep an eye on what’s coming down the track, so that you can keep your eyes firmly on your guests and customers.

Together, we can ….
Together we can present a clear choice for Government and the hospitality & tourism industry. Either we are content with the ‘steady as she goes’ approach or we jointly pilot a path with a more ambitious strategy.

The aim of the JHA is to unite our industry in a single powerful voice so that hospitality and tourism can be recognised as one of the key value drivers in the Channel Island economy.

What sets our industry apart from the others is its people – their spirit of generosity, their passion for service to others, and their sense of community. The hospitality industry and its future success thrives on how we engage and inspire our most powerful asset – our rather significant strong workforce.

As a representative body we:

  • Monitor policies, regulations and legal issues that directly affect the Hospitality and Tourism industry as a whole.
  • Contribute and provide feedback on consultations undertaken by the States of Jersey, which may or may not directly affect the industry.
  • Keep up to date and share information on topics that are of interest to the industry from a global basis.
  • Build awareness and increase the profile of the industry and those that work in it, so those outside of the sector can develop their knowledge and understanding.
  • Provide confidential and independent advice/support to Members as required.
  • Endorse initiatives focused on encouraging and introducing our local students into the industry with collaboration with our education department and Highlands College.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to and support from the JHA Membership Services  Manager.
  • Regular business updates and newsletters on subjects that matter to you and your business.
  • Directory listing on the JHA website and access to resources in a secure area of the site.
  • Support and advice for recruitment and training issues.
  • Access to training courses at discounted prices.
  • Regular Networking events.
  • Provide a range of Members offers that are exclusive to the JHA to save Members money.

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