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Jersey venues opening to the public

Jersey venues opening to the public

Jersey venues opening for al fresco dining and to visitors

Following the relaxation of rules to businesses, we are pleased to announce that the following venues are open, or will be open in the near future to the general public.

Cafes and restaurants:

Relish        Facebook      Website

CafeJac     Facebook     Website

Viva Pizza Website

Kismet      Facebook     Website

El Tico      Facebook     Website

Bastille     Facebook    Website

Cafe AHA   Facebook  Website

Jersey Pearl  Facebook   Website

Off the Rails  Facebook  Website

The Club     Facebook   Website

Ransoms (open from 25th)   Facebook   Website

Marina Metro   Facebook    Website


The Boat House    Facebook    Website

AirMex     Facebook   Website

St Malo     Facebook   Website

Tiffin (open from 20th)   Facebook   Website

Le Braye Cafe   Facebook   Website

Nude Food (open from 20th)   Facebook    Website

Sugar Reef (open from June)   Facebook    Website

Gunsite   Facebook

Feast      Facebook    Website

Hungry Man    Facebook

Cheffins    Facebook    Website

La Fregate    Facebook

The Lookout    Facebook    Website

Millenium Park Kiosk   Facebook

Mark Jordan  (open from 20th)   Facebook    Website

Salty Dog   Facebook    Website


Shops and delivery services:

Vienna     Facebook    Website

Mange Tout  Facebook   Website

Dandy Columberie (open from 19th)   Facebook    Website

Ceri’s Cakes     Facebook    Website

Dunells Beaumont   Facebook    Website

Besco   Website


Hotels (outdoor dining only):

Apollo     Facebook    Website

Royal Yacht      Facebook    Website

Radisson      Facebook    Website

Hotel Cristina    Facebook    Website

Somerville     Facebook    Website

Ommoroo      Facebook    Website

Atlantic    Facebook    Website

Greenhills    Facebook    Website

Grand Jersey (open shortly)    Facebook    Website

L’Horizon   Facebook    Website

Savoy (open from 22nd)   Facebook    Website

Longueville Manor (open from 18th)    Facebook    Website

The Club   Facebook    Website


Pubs & Bars (outdoor dining only):

The Goose   Facebook 

Blacksmiths Arms    Facebook     Website

Admiral   Facebook

Bacchus     Facebook

Pembroke   Facebook

Sir George de Carteret    Facebook    Website

Les Fontaines   Facebook

The Tenby    Facebook

Priory Inn    Facebook

The Portlet Inn   Facebook

The Farmhouse   Facebook    Website

The Royal St Martin    Facebook

Ce Soir     Facebook    Website

Watersplash     Facebook    Website

The Bass and Lobster   Facebook    Website

Tours and attractions:

Jersey Seafaris     Facebook    Website

Jersey Kayak Adventures (opening shortly)    Facebook    Website

Jersey Walk Adventures (opening shortly)    Facebook    Website

JAAC    Facebook

Jersey Zoo     Facebook    Website

Jersey Heritage     Facebook    Website

Samares Manor (open from 25th)     Facebook    Website

Jersey Sea Sport Centre      Facebook    Website

La Mare Wine Estate     Facebook      Website

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