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JHA Calls for review of VED

JHA Calls for review of VED

Media release                                                                                                              12 January 2018

 JHA calls for review of VED changes

After being contacted by a number of concerned members, the JHA is calling on the Council of Ministers to commit to a review of the increase in Vehicle Emissions Duty [VED] and change in VED bands.

JHA president Fiona Kerley said: “There have been a number of reports in the media recently highlighting Islanders’ concerns at the real implications of the 1 January change in VED, which was agreed by the States in last November’s Budget. As an association representing hundreds of businesses in the hospitality sector, we too have been contacted by members, who fear that the increase in VED to 5% and lowering of VED bands could put them out of business.

“Because this change was due to a budget amendment brought by the Constable of Grouville, there was no industry consultation beforehand so States Members did not have the full facts before them when they supported this change. We believe that the States have fallen victim to the law of unintended consequences.”

“The JHA urges the Council of Ministers to commit to a review of this change in VED at an appropriate date. While the States can take a considerable length of time to reach the smallest decisions, here we have a significant tax rise that was proposed in a 100-word amendment and decided after approximately 30 minutes of debate.”

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