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Ommaroo celebrates despite Covid closure

Ommaroo celebrates despite Covid closure

The Ommaroo Hotel is celebrating its 104th birthday this December, despite being closed for the second time this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Fiona Kerley, Managing Director of the hotel which has passed through four generations of her family, said: “The hotel has certainly seen tough times, having survived two world wars. However, we are a strong business thanks to continued local community and government support.

“We can’t currently operate as a hotel, so are adapting our business model to play to our strengths. Our experienced Head Chef, who did his apprenticeship at Buckingham Palace, is launching a ‘Heat & Eat’ food collection service, which means locals can still enjoy selected meals in their homes during this Festive period. Our dedicated head housekeeper, who has given 30 years of service to the hotel, is managing our new contactless public laundry service. As a strong team, we are determined not to let this virus dampen our spirits.

As we reflect on the past 104 years, we stand together with our colleagues in the hospitality industry and call on locals to continue their much-needed support as we steer our business into 2021.”

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