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Temporary Seasonal Work Permits


Temporary Seasonal Work Permits

Dear Member,


You may have seen or read in the news this morning that a one-off offer to allow migrant workers from outside the Common Travel Area on existing 9 month work permits to remain beyond the existing nine month temporary seasonal permission has been made while further data is collected.


The business case to change the Work Permit Policy was made by our former CEO, Simon Soar, before he left the JHA following the difficulty the hospitality sector has experienced in finding employees over the last year, as well as the significant challenges faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We hope you’ll agree that this is a positive move and a step in the right direction. We will continue to work closely with the Government on this.


The details are –


The Home Affairs Minister, Deputy Gregory Guida, has introduced a one-off, exceptional offer to allow migrant workers on existing 9 month work permits, and those who are granted a 9 month work permit commencing on or prior to 1st May 2022, to be able to extend their work permits for a consecutive further 9 months without having to be absent for 3 months, subject to a successful application for extension.


For clarity the extension is available for anyone who is still working here now on a hospitality 9 month work permit.  It will also be available for any hospitality 9 month permit that is applied for before 1st April 2022 with a start date on or before 1st May 2022.  This will allow a person to remain in continuous employment for 18 months without having to leave the island, subject to the renewal of the work permit and the individual’s immigration permission at the 9 month point.


This offer to extend 9 month work permits provides immediate assistance to the hospitality sector and allows for a period of time to gather reliable data on the causes of the labour shortage in hospitality and then for further consideration for any substantive changes to the Work Permit Policy.


Further information is available here Work permits: make an application (gov.je)


For any enquiries relating to the extension please email immigration@gov.je



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